Sephora Collection Glass Nail File

My fingernails grow fast and I like to have them short. Since the day I have filed my nails, I have only used a metal file even though I found it harsh on my nails (I didn’t have any other option for filing). Three years ago, I came across an article on glass files and got to know how gentle they are in comparison to metal files. From that day, my hunt for a glass file began. I found this beautifully hued glass file on the shelves of Sephora.

Sephora Collection Glass Nail File

At first, I didn’t buy it coz of its price (metal file was available just for 90 bucks and this glass file was for ₹640, I was like who spends so much on a nail filer???). After a week, I visited Sephora again and there was only one glass file left. I couldn’t help myself from getting it.

Sephora Collection Glass Nail File 4

As you can see this beautiful glass file comes stored in a cylindrical plastic case with a pull-out cap. The glass file has an orange hue towards the round end. The glass is sturdy and light. It is smooth on the one side and etched on the other. The plastic used for the case is not very sturdy but ain’t flimsy either.

Sephora Collection Glass Nail File

Sephora Collection Glass Nail File 3


Sephora glass nail file, files nails faster and more efficiently than the metal ones. It can be cleansed easily with soap and water. The plastic casing keeps it safe even when inside the purse so you don’t have to worry about its breaking. I am sure once you have used a glass file, you will never go back to the regular metal ones.

As it is a glass file, hence prone to breakage if dropped. With a little care, it can last long. I haven’t purchased a new glass file in 3 years!


Have you ever tried a glass file before?  What do you think of it?

Share your comments below!

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